Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?

Everyone wants to have any pet at their home as they are the human’s best friend. The different people love to keep different types of the pet at their home, and you might have heard about the gerbils. The gerbils are the small rat-like creature that has an adorable and unique appearance. Their different activities can surely keep your heart happy and make you feel better. But it is not easy to take care of them as you have to be concern about the various factors before bringing them to your place. You might have heard that the gerbils are known for their digging feature as the digging is their favorite hobby. So you are advised to choose the best bedding for gerbils in which they should feel comfortable and do not give excessive damage to their bedding where they have to recite.

You can have the use of the various material for the bedding of the gerbils, but the toilet papers are considered one of the best things that you can include for their bedding. As the safety and the comfort of your sweet gerbils mainly rely on the type of bedding you have chosen for his resting place. It would help if you were assured that you have a minimum of 2-3 layers of the bedding as this will maintain the durability of their living area by making them comfortable for the long.

How to choose the best toilet paper

Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?


  • Use chemical-free toilet papers

Yes, you can easily have the use of the toilet for the bedding of your gerbils. They are made of the light quality of paper, which does not give any harm to them even if they chew the toilet paper. You will be amazed to know that the gerbils’ owners have the use of these toilet papers in their caves from the past few years. But you should be aware of one thing to avoid the use of the toilet papers which have fragrances as they have chemicals which can be exhaled by the gerbils and make them ill.

  • Marked with the safety label

This is the other essential thing to be considered by you when you are willing to have the bedding of your gerbils using the toilet paper. The gerbils have susceptible skins and a very light immune system, so if you are planning to buy the toilet paper, make sure to get the one which has been marked by the safety mark. You are advised to have the use of the good one as the health of the gerbils will be dependent upon the bedding used by you.

  • Avoid inked toilet papers

There are numerous companies in the market that have the use of ink on their p\toilet paper for marketing and labeling purpose, and this ink is made up of toxic chemicals. If you want to keep your gerbils healthy and fit, then you are advised to avoid the use of this kind of toilet paper as this can cause infection on their skin and make them ill. Try to purchase the plain and straightforward toilet papers which will surely benefit you

The benefits of using the toilet paper for bedding of the gerbils are as following.

Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?

  1. Non-toxic

If you have not yet kept the gerbils as your pet, you are not aware they have the habit of chewing and digging the things. To keep them healthy and prevent the diseases, you are advised to have the use of these toilet papers because the toilet papers are made from the non toxic material, which will not harm your gerbils even if they swallow it after chewing.

  1. Universal shape

If you have considered the use of any kind bedding for your gerbils, you undoubtedly had faced the issue of the hard material used in the bedding. But now you are advised to have the use of the toilet paper because they are flexible soft papers which can be formed into any kind of shape. This is the reason why they are considered the best bedding for gerbils, and the best thing is that they can be folded several times according to your requirements.

  1. Moist resistant

Some of the gerbil’s owners complained about the issue of their bedding getting damp and destroyed after getting in contact with the excessive moisture. This is the very common problem that occurred in the bedding abut to cope yup this issue. The toilet paper is the best material that you can consider for the bedding of your gerbils. The toilet papers are made from very light paper, but they are the best moisture resistance solutions that you can use for the bedding as they can easily absorb the high content of the moisture, which might be harmful to your gerbils.

  1. Odor absorber

If you have kept the gerbils as your pet, you would surely be familiar with the odor which gets accumulated in the cage due to its urinating and other smell. This is a widespread problem that is mainly raised due to the type of bedding. The toilet papers are the best remedy that you can consider to deal with this issue as they are known for their extraordinary feature of absorbing the odor. So if you are facing this odor issue in the cage of your gerbils, then this is the right remedy to be chosen by you.

  1. Prevents infections

You might not be aware of the fact that the gerbils have very sensitive organs, and they can quickly get diseased by any little bacteria. And the leading cause of the infection in the gerbils is the bedding the surrounding in which they are living. If your gerbils have faced this kind of issue then you are advised to change its bedding. The toilet paper is the best material that you can consider for the bedding as it does not catch these bacteria and germs, which are typically stuck to the other elements.


What do Guinea Pigs Like to Eat?

What do Guinea Pigs Like to Eat?

Guinea pig has a very long intestine, since it is there that cellulose breaks down. The length of the duodenum averages 12 cm, the small and ileal 120 cm, the blind 15 cm, and the thick -80 cm. The total length of the intestine is more than 2 meters. Because digestion takes a fairly long period of time. The ingestion of food from the stomach, in which different types of food are layered, into the intestine begins about an hour after eating and can last up to 7 hours.

The passage of food through the entire intestine can last a whole week. This explains the fact that as a result of a change in diet, digestive upset can occur. Therefore, one should not drastically change the composition of the feed without special reason. It is necessary to attach great importance to a balanced diet, since most diseases of pigs arise precisely for this reason. Violation of the intestinal flora necessary for the breakdown of cellulose can lead to the death of the animal. The cause of serious diseases can also be poor-quality feed.  You can also Read more here and find out the essential requirements for the guinea pig food choices. However, there are certain issues related to the feeding process that you should be aware of also. Let us find out.

Feeding regimen

It should be two times a day (morning and evening). The exception is pregnant females and young animals up to 3 months old, they are fed 3-4 times a day. Food should be given in significant quantities, since pigs do not tolerate even short-term starvation.

Feeding technique

Feeding technique

It is necessary to observe the correct mode and hygiene of feeding. Food should be fed at a strictly defined time, avoiding promiscuous feeding. Feed should be fresh, without mustiness, harmful impurities or odors. Introduce new feeds gradually, in small quantities. Evening feeding should be at least 40% of the daily diet.

What to give

The best food for guinea pigs are wheat bran, balanced grain mixes for guinea pigs, carrots, table beets and good hay. In summer, green grass is very useful freshly cut or slightly wilted.

Bran should be given slightly moist, moistened with water or steamed with boiling water. I add to my guinea pigs in the chop finely chopped parsley, grated carrots, beets or apples. One adult guinea pig (weighing about 1 kg) in summer should be given an average of 0.5 kg of green food (fresh grass), 50 g of grain mix, 60 g of hay per day. It is good to add salt to the bran (if there is no salt stone) and bone meal at the rate of 0.3 g of salt and 0.2 g of bone meal.

In winter, green fodder is replaced by root crops up to 100 g per pig per day. The morning they give juicy and nutritious feeds: carrots, beets, apples, pumpkins, squash (slices), white cabbage (no more than 2 times a week in small quantities), bran 2 times a week, young animals and weakened animals can be 3-4 times in Week. In the evening hay and always a sufficient amount of water. In winter and summer, hay and grain mixtures should be the main food for guinea pigs.

These feeds should always be in the cage of the guinea pig in sufficient quantities! In winter, it is very useful to give germinated grain (wheat, oats), as well as dried nettle and other vitamin feeds.

You can feed (except for the above):

  • Bulgarian pepper (without peel).
  • tree branches (linden, birch, willow, apple tree, mountain ash).
  • pears (in small quantities).
  • berries (gradually introduced in small quantities).
  • dill, parsley (in small amounts to improve digestion, parsley is not suitable for pregnant females!).
  • celery (in small quantities).
  • tops of beets and carrots.
  • cucumbers (only homemade, not from the greenhouse!).
  • tomatoes (only homemade in small quantities).
  • turnips (in small quantities).
  • cauliflower (introduce gradually and little by little).
  • crackers (white bread, bran bread).
  • young leaves (raspberries, currants, strawberries, strawberries, mint).
  • salads leaf, cross salad, rocked salad (in small quantities and only homemade).

What to give nilza

What to give nilza

  • animal feed.
  • red cabbage.
  • unripe and overripe fruits and berries.
  • food leftovers from a person’s table.
  • sweets.
  • potatoes.
  • cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet).
  • Hercules (as the only permanent feed).
  • watermelons (except home).
  • winter cucumbers, tomatoes, salads.
  • sugar.
  • oak branches.
  • citrus fruits.
  • fish.
  • green onions.
  • mushrooms.
  • plums.
  • mustard.
  • sorrel.
  • burdock.
  • tea (instead of drinking).
  • flowers.
  • chestnuts.
  • horseradish.
  • radish.
  • a chapel.
  • bread rolls.
  • moldy, rotten and contaminated feed.
  • damp feed.

Plants Poisonous

aconite. the godson.

  • aconite. the godson.
  • ragweed. laurel.
  • belladonna. lily of the valley.
  • bleached. forest anemone.
  • privet. horsetail.
  • hemlock. clematis.
  • large celandine. buttercup.
  • hawthorn. poppy.
  • elderberry. euphorbia.
  • bindweed. digitalis.
  • wild Cherry. nightshade.
  • oak. parsnip.
  • liveliness. spelling.
  • Ivan da Marya. broom.
  • iris. yew.
  • horse chestnut. potato skin.

Along with this one should also mention about almost all the indoor plants!



As a result of the fact that in nature, guinea pigs constantly eat fresh grass, in the process of evolution they lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C. But nevertheless, it is simply necessary to obtain it. Therefore, it is very useful to give pigs such products as: seeds, dandelion grass, lettuce, turnips, cabbage, tomatoes, apples. All this is introduced into the diet gradually, starting with a small amount. During pregnancy and lactation, it is very good to add synthetic Vit.C to the drinker (liquid Vit.C for rodents) or to introduce feeds containing this vitamin. To maintain their health, guinea pigs should eat their litter. Young guinea pigs eat their mother’s droppings so that they will have an intestinal flora.

How do You Protect Horses From Horse Flies?

How do You Protect Horses From Horse Flies?

Protecting the horse from flies is one of the most challenging tasks faced by almost everyone who owns the horse and thinks about how to take care of it throughout the life. It is the appropriate time to concentrate on guidelines to protect your horse from flies and keep up-to-date with the fly sprays designed for protecting the horse from flies. Flies give ever-increasing problems to the horses and horse owners in the summer. Once you have bought the best fly spray for horse and followed guidelines to use it, you can keep your horse free from flies. You will get 100% satisfaction from the convenient method to choose and use this product.

The best brands of fly sprays for horses

The best brands of fly sprays for horses

In general, horse flies feed on blood and inflict a nasty bite. Though your horse tries to kick a fly on its legs, swat it with its tail or belly, it become agitated and tired. These flies may also lay eggs on wounds especially open wounds which lead to a condition called myiasis or fly strike. You have to immediately contact your vet when you notice this condition in your horse. Different brands of sprays designed for protecting the horse from flies and other insects nowadays catch the attention of horse owners with a commitment to enhancing the overall health and comfort of the horse. You can read unbiased reviews of these sprays and get an overview about how to successfully choose and purchase the suitable product.

Experts in the best techniques to protect the horse from flies these days suggest the fly spray products and products such as the fly rug. This is because they understand the overall significance of enhancing the horse in terms of the health and comfort on a regular basis. Manure management is one of the most suggested options for protecting the horse from insects. You have to remember that there is no possibility to eliminate flies and insects on the whole. However, you can control flies and protect your horse in different aspects. Insects are drawn to manure. You have to keep the surroundings of your horse as clean as possible on a regular basis. If you properly and regularly remove manure from pastures, then you can prevent the spread of internal and external parasites.

Effective methods to throw out flies

Effective methods to throw out flies

You may have large water troughs and think about how to get the clean water supply. You can introduce some fish into the water troughs and get rid of mosquito problems. This is because fish consume algae and mosquito larvae. Many horses suffer from health problems caused by mosquitoes, flies and mites. Once you have ensured about the overall benefits of using the fly spray for protecting your horse, you can contact and consult with experts in this sector. You will get an overview about everything related to the best fly spray for horse and make a better-informed decision to protect your horse as expected. You will be confident to recommend the suitable fly spray for likeminded horse owners in your network.

Farnam Bronco gold is a good product available with a strong trigger sprayer as well as citronella scent which is very helpful to kill and repel flies, gnats, ticks, lice and mosquitoes as required by the horse. This product is available in 1 gallon or 32oz. Sizes. This non-oily fly spray for horse is very popular on the market due to its positive effects to protect the horse from flies. Users of this product can conveniently use it as the trigger spray. This product repels different types of face, deer, house, horse, horn and stable flies. A reasonable price of this product gives different benefits to its users who have a commitment to enhancing the horse in terms of the comfort level and health condition.

High-quality yet affordable products

High-quality yet affordable products

Every manufacturer of the best fly spray for horse is very conscious about the overall quality of ingredients used in the fly spray. You may do not have proficiency to choose and buy the fly spray for horse before now. You can contact and consult with experts in the fly spray products for horses at any time you wish to improve your approach to pick and order the appropriate product. If you compare top brands of fly sprays for horses, then you can enhance your approach to find out and order the suitable product without any doubt. Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is recommended for those who seek the natural method to repel insects and keep flies off horses. A good combination of essential oils like citronella, lemon grass, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lavender and cedar wood is very useful to keep the horse free from flies.

Pyranha wipe n spray fly protection is renowned by its loads of benefits to horse owners who keep their horses free from flies. Once you have planned to your horses smell nice, comfortable and healthy, you can make use of this fly spray for horse. This is because the best ingredients in this product. This product is water resistant in its nature and providing the triple-action. This spray is a coat conditioner due to its lanolin ingredient. This product has the nature to repel and eradicate horse flies. The first-class elements in this product control other insects like deer flies, stable flies, mosquitoes, gnats and houseflies.

Keep your horse healthy and comfortable

Keep your horse healthy and comfortable

EcoSMART natural horse fly revolting is the best fly spray for horse and recommended by horse owners who get more than expected benefits from the organic products designed to repel and eradicate horse flies. This product is based on the natural plant oils. As a result, horse owners can confidently make use of this spray and make certain that they do not leave any chemical smell on the skin of their favourite horses. The formula of this product is safe and playing the main role behind its success rate. If you use this spray, then you can keep your horse free from flies. You will be satisfied when you get rid of flies biting and disturbing your horses.

The Providence Dog parK Association


dog park photos

WHERE IS THE DOG PARK? Click the “Gano St. Dog Park” button on the left of your screen for directions.

ATTENTION SMALL DOGS: THE GANO ST. DOG PARK HAS AN ENCLOSED AREA JUST FOR YOU! You’ll find it on the south side of the basketball courts, and the entrance is on the west side of the enclosure. It has the same double gated entry as the existing park.

WANT TO HELP OUT? The PDPA is an all volunteer group and we can always use help. (Click on this text for a brief history of our group.) On the last Sunday of every month, we meet at the park at noon for a general clean up. If you can help us financially, all donations are tax deductible. Click on the “HOW YOU CAN HELP” button on the left of your screen for details.

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The Providence Dog parK Association would like to acknowledge the following: THANKS to our partners at Community Canines for Companionship and Care (a 501[c]3).***** Todd & Beej- thank you for your hard work and those great benches! ***** Thanks to Sonia for the chain link fencing donation!!