Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?

Everyone wants to have any pet at their home as they are the human’s best friend. The different people love to keep different types of the pet at their home, and you might have heard about the gerbils. The gerbils are the small rat-like creature that has an adorable and unique appearance. Their different activities can surely keep your heart happy and make you feel better. But it is not easy to take care of […]

What do Guinea Pigs Like to Eat?

Guinea pig has a very long intestine, since it is there that cellulose breaks down. The length of the duodenum averages 12 cm, the small and ileal 120 cm, the blind 15 cm, and the thick -80 cm. The total length of the intestine is more than 2 meters. Because digestion takes a fairly long period of time. The ingestion of food from the stomach, in which different types of food are layered, into the […]

How do You Protect Horses From Horse Flies?

Protecting the horse from flies is one of the most challenging tasks faced by almost everyone who owns the horse and thinks about how to take care of it throughout the life. It is the appropriate time to concentrate on guidelines to protect your horse from flies and keep up-to-date with the fly sprays designed for protecting the horse from flies. Flies give ever-increasing problems to the horses and horse owners in the summer. Once […]

The Providence Dog parK Association

THE CITY OF PROVIDENCE HAS AN OFFICIAL OFF-LEASH AREA FOR DOGS! WHERE IS THE DOG PARK? Click the “Gano St. Dog Park” button on the left of your screen for directions. ATTENTION SMALL DOGS: THE GANO ST. DOG PARK HAS AN ENCLOSED AREA JUST FOR YOU! You’ll find it on the south side of the basketball courts, and the entrance is on the west side of the enclosure. It has the same double gated entry as the […]