Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?

Everyone wants to have any pet at their home as they are the human’s best friend. The different people love to keep different types of the pet at their home, and you might have heard about the gerbils. The gerbils are the small rat-like creature that has an adorable and unique appearance. Their different activities can surely keep your heart happy and make you feel better. But it is not easy to take care of them as you have to be concern about the various factors before bringing them to your place. You might have heard that the gerbils are known for their digging feature as the digging is their favorite hobby. So you are advised to choose the best bedding for gerbils in which they should feel comfortable and do not give excessive damage to their bedding where they have to recite.

You can have the use of the various material for the bedding of the gerbils, but the toilet papers are considered one of the best things that you can include for their bedding. As the safety and the comfort of your sweet gerbils mainly rely on the type of bedding you have chosen for his resting place. It would help if you were assured that you have a minimum of 2-3 layers of the bedding as this will maintain the durability of their living area by making them comfortable for the long.

How to choose the best toilet paper

Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?


  • Use chemical-free toilet papers

Yes, you can easily have the use of the toilet for the bedding of your gerbils. They are made of the light quality of paper, which does not give any harm to them even if they chew the toilet paper. You will be amazed to know that the gerbils’ owners have the use of these toilet papers in their caves from the past few years. But you should be aware of one thing to avoid the use of the toilet papers which have fragrances as they have chemicals which can be exhaled by the gerbils and make them ill.

  • Marked with the safety label

This is the other essential thing to be considered by you when you are willing to have the bedding of your gerbils using the toilet paper. The gerbils have susceptible skins and a very light immune system, so if you are planning to buy the toilet paper, make sure to get the one which has been marked by the safety mark. You are advised to have the use of the good one as the health of the gerbils will be dependent upon the bedding used by you.

  • Avoid inked toilet papers

There are numerous companies in the market that have the use of ink on their p\toilet paper for marketing and labeling purpose, and this ink is made up of toxic chemicals. If you want to keep your gerbils healthy and fit, then you are advised to avoid the use of this kind of toilet paper as this can cause infection on their skin and make them ill. Try to purchase the plain and straightforward toilet papers which will surely benefit you

The benefits of using the toilet paper for bedding of the gerbils are as following.

Can You Use Toilet Paper for Gerbil Bedding?

  1. Non-toxic

If you have not yet kept the gerbils as your pet, you are not aware they have the habit of chewing and digging the things. To keep them healthy and prevent the diseases, you are advised to have the use of these toilet papers because the toilet papers are made from the non toxic material, which will not harm your gerbils even if they swallow it after chewing.

  1. Universal shape

If you have considered the use of any kind bedding for your gerbils, you undoubtedly had faced the issue of the hard material used in the bedding. But now you are advised to have the use of the toilet paper because they are flexible soft papers which can be formed into any kind of shape. This is the reason why they are considered the best bedding for gerbils, and the best thing is that they can be folded several times according to your requirements.

  1. Moist resistant

Some of the gerbil’s owners complained about the issue of their bedding getting damp and destroyed after getting in contact with the excessive moisture. This is the very common problem that occurred in the bedding abut to cope yup this issue. The toilet paper is the best material that you can consider for the bedding of your gerbils. The toilet papers are made from very light paper, but they are the best moisture resistance solutions that you can use for the bedding as they can easily absorb the high content of the moisture, which might be harmful to your gerbils.

  1. Odor absorber

If you have kept the gerbils as your pet, you would surely be familiar with the odor which gets accumulated in the cage due to its urinating and other smell. This is a widespread problem that is mainly raised due to the type of bedding. The toilet papers are the best remedy that you can consider to deal with this issue as they are known for their extraordinary feature of absorbing the odor. So if you are facing this odor issue in the cage of your gerbils, then this is the right remedy to be chosen by you.

  1. Prevents infections

You might not be aware of the fact that the gerbils have very sensitive organs, and they can quickly get diseased by any little bacteria. And the leading cause of the infection in the gerbils is the bedding the surrounding in which they are living. If your gerbils have faced this kind of issue then you are advised to change its bedding. The toilet paper is the best material that you can consider for the bedding as it does not catch these bacteria and germs, which are typically stuck to the other elements.