Gano St Dog Park

So where is this dog park anyway???

The new dog park is located off of Gano St. The main entrance to the park is at the intersection of Power and Gano. There is a yellow blinking light at the intersection and you will see the a sign for Gano Market. Turn in at the market and drive past it. You will see the Fox Point Community Garden area on your right. Turn right and proceed to the end of the parking lot. You will pass the soccer field and see the basketball courts at the southernmost end of the soccer field. The enclosed off leash area is behind (east of) the basketball courts.

There is also a second parking area on Fremont St. Fremont is the tiny street between the south end of Dunkin’ Doughnuts’ parking lot and the Carniceria Meat Market. When you park in this lot, you avoid walking past the soccer field.
But the dog park doesn’t appear to be finished…. does it???

That’s because it’s NOT!!! Yes, we have an enclosed space for off-leash play. It’s a great start (and a rather historical one for Providence!), but we need to make a lot of improvements. Here is a little wish list. These are some of the things that we are raising funds for:

*Additional fencing to enclose and area just for small dogs (IT’S COMING SOON!)

*Benches…(WE’VE GOT THEM!)

*Shade… some type of awning

*Better signage

*A top notch dog waste container system, tamper and vandal proof

*A dog waste bag dispenser

*Some type of water feature

*Contract with a weekly pick up service to empty the dog waste container and refill the bag dispenser

*Other stuff? Suggestions? Ideas? Comments?

You are the ones who can help make this a great park! Click on the “How You Can Help” button on the left of your screen to make a donation NOW! This is the only way improvements will be made, so support YOUR park… any amount will help!