How You Can Help?

MAKE A DONATION! Any amount you can afford will be a huge help to us! All funds go directly to pay for building, managing and improving the dog park! Here’s how to donate:

1.) Make out your check to Community Canines [a 501(c)3], our fiscal sponsor. Be sure to write “For PDPA” in the “memo” section of your check. That way, Community Canines will know that the donation goes to the dog park.

2.) Address your envelope to:

Providence Dog Park Association
POB # 603106
Providence RI 02906

3.) PDPA’s treasurer will make a copy of your check and enter the amount into our own books.

4.) PDPA’s treasurer will give the check to Community Canines who will cash it and deposit it into their account. They will keep a separate record of PDPA’s donations (Both groups keep records of PDPA’s funds so we can cross check and be sure the accounting is correct.)

5.) Community Canines will send you a receipt for your tax records.

6.) Community Canines will keep PDPA’s funds until we request them. At that time, Community Canines will turn over our funds to us in the form of a check.

  • Contact Information for Local Officials
    Don’t know who your Council Person is? Click here to find out.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Find out about the different ways you can help.
  • Stewardship Form
    (This is a pdf file. Gatekeepers and monitors need to fill out it and send it to Alix Ogden c/o the Parks Dept.)